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Zouber Yousiph - Syria-Germany

Visual Artist

I want to sing; I want to dance; I want to paint; I want to move, I want to live....endless. That is the beauty and the human that is life.

Susie Veroff – USA–Canada

Visual Artist

I have never limited myself to a technique or to a way of doing art. I think everything is possible.

Dimitar Velichkov - Bulgaria

Visual Artist

(Through art) I like the idea of making the world better and my country better.

Burhan Uzunyayla - Germany

Script writer, Film director

I like to write different stories with different persons and then at the end have them come together as one. This is like my life itself.


Larry D. Thomas - United States of America

(At the cemetery in the ghost town of Turlingua, Texas) The wind is always blowing a bit and it was as if the voices were speaking and insisting that their stories be told.

Gheorghe Stirbu – Moldovoa-Romania

Visual Artist

Browns and colors will stay between the lines I have outlined for support, waiting for the drawing always created, so dear to me.

Daniela Stanoiu - Romania


...I was born into a photographer family. My mother and my father were my teachers.

Giuseppe Strano Spitu – Italy-Spain

Sculpture, Dance, Performance, Installation

In my sculpture I want not only to make the beautiful, but I want my sculpture to have a concept.


Clemens Beaunghun Sou – Republic of Korea/ Austria

Visual Artist, Professor, Curator

During the past six years I have visited thirty countries through ninety artist symposia.

Lorand Sipos – Romania-Hungary

Visual Artist

In aquarelle I paint cities and landscape, but not in photorealist way. I put more of myself in these works.

Gianfranco Scafidi – Italy

Visual Artist

To speak of me, I must speak of art; and to speak of art, I must speak of me. They are the same.

Maria Esperanza Almoguera Sanchez - Argentina – Spain

Visual Artist

My main theme is Nature and the four elements: water, air, fire, and earth.


Saida Saada – Morocco

Visual Artist

The painting I love has to do with the road…the human-being road and the journey.

Elizabeth Raby – United States of America

I think my poetry has always been about being outdoors, the thrill of being outdoors, and the beauty which Nature provides.

Dumitru Pop – Romania

Sculptor, Poet, Painter

I must be a good sculptor, a good painter, and a good poet. These three jobs commune together.

Galina Petkova – Bulgaria

Visual Artist, Psychologist

I work with children who have so little, who have Downs Syndrome or autism or cerebral palsy.


Andra Panduru – Romania

Visual Artist

The media I prefer was first tapestry, and from tapestry I became interested in installation, related to tapestry and thread.

Kenza Oulaghida – Morocco


I hope people will recognize the quality work we do here in our commune of Ait Hiamza in Gigou... And I say to everybody, “Welcome, welcome, welcome.”

Rabha Oujeddou – Morocco

Designer, Weaver

I work with a team of my friends and cousins.... Because of the team, the work created is good.

Ted Ormai – United States of America

Visual Artist

Magnetism is inspiration, a material, and a subject matter in the pieces that I have done.


Natasa Novak – Slovenia

Visual Artist

For my paintings, I chose children because to me children represent innocence, beauty, prettiness... but I combine that with the burden of adulthood fears...

Khadija Mssyeh – Morocco


I always thought about the destiny of humankind, above all the women who are suffering injustice, and I began to write poems.

Fatiha Mourahhib – Morocco

Visual Artist

In Fez much of my work is mosaic and can be found in fountains and along old streets, and in the panoramic view of murals.

Emile Louisius – Haiti


I want young people to know, if you like art, do not be discouraged; your future can be a life in art.


He Lihong – China

Printmaker, Woodcut

Woodcut printmaking has a history, and it also was a tradition in China. I think this is an international language.

Verena Kronseder - Germany


I like the correspondence from history and the ancient music.

Tzetanka Koykova – Bulgaria-Belgium
Sculptor, Architect

I studied sculpture, monumental art, ceramic, restoration. I studied with a specialization in stone. So, my life is filled with art

Andor Komives – Romania

Visual Artist

I like to use imagery from cartoons, from temporary mythology, but my characters are talking or putting a question to provoke you.


Sung Heun Kim– Korea/Italy

Visual Artist

I have a project in installation. The theme is “Human is born of the land, and after returns to the land.

Fadia el Khatib – Lebanon

Visual Artist

I went to school, to university, so late in life. Now I am working more on myself to make my dream come true.

Valentinus Rommy Iskandar – Indonesia

Visual Artist

To become an artist is difficult.

Irena Gayatri Horvat – Croatia

Visual Artist

...I am always thinking about the energy and to put all of this together in my art.


Kareem Mahmoud Helmy – Egypt

Visual Artist

About my paintings’ backgrounds, usually you feel something goes wrong; you feel something mysterious, abnormal is happening.

Reem Hassan – Egypt

Visual Artist

She (my mother) was always with me everywhere; she always encouraged me to do everything.

Sidihamza Hamzaoui – Morocco

Textile & Djellaba Design

...what concerns me is that some people are stealing our work, our own heritage by making imitations of the djellaba Hamzaoui.

Aicha Hamzaoui – Morocco

Weaver, Textile & Djellaba Design

First we make the thread by hand. We spin thread, then we begin to weave the fine fabric. Last comes the djellaba itself.


Dragana Grujicic – Serbia

Visual Artist

I am the only artist in my family, and as a child, my life was very connected to the life in the village.

Kim Goldsmith – Australia

Visual Artist

Basically, I am creating a nest wherever I travel.

Claudia Gerauer – Germany


What most satisfies and what makes me most happy is the experience on the way to find out what the music says and to learn its grammar.

Mariana Felcman- Argentina

Visual Artist

Color is important to me because the colors are my feelings. The picture tells me what it needs.



Zakori Fatna– Morocco

Visual Artist

When I was a child, I love the traditional handicrafts, especially weaving. In Arabic, it’s called zaribea.

Mahgouba Elhakkaoui – Morocco

Weaver, Medicinal Plants

I am a good craftswomen of works woven by hand, and I know how to use medicinal plants.

Catherine Dumont-Chretien – France
Visual Artist

I attend symposiums, exhibitions abroad ...For me, it’s very enriching .,, Each time, the experience is very different.

Mohamed Chetouani – Morocco

Poet and Painter

... I love that which is very old. I look for the source, the history of the village, the storytelling...


Amina Boutotla – Morocco

Berber Weaver

There are many signs and symbols woven into the rugs, which explain some of the traditions of women...

Noufissa Benjelloun – Morocco

Writer, Painter, Psychiatrist

My life is painting, studying, and writing.

Ng Bee – Malaysia

Visual Artist

Originally, Sasaran was unknown. Since hosting this activity (international art symposium), people recognize the community.

Tommy Barr – Northern Ireland

Visual Artist

For me the early prehistoric type work in Ireland is a foundation for the art that has followed. I consider it the beginning of the art that is my heritage,

Baitsaeva al-hathloul aitalla

Ludmila Baitsaeva – Federation of Russia
Visual Artist

The artist presents new objectives and new possibilities for this life. .... Artists make this life more wonderful, more sensitive.

Saleh Al-Hathloul – Saudi Arabia

Architect, Critic, Urbanist

I have been ....dealing with the dilemma of tradition and traditional environments and the issue of identity in the contemporary urban architecture and urbanism.

Souad Aitalla – Morocco


Since I was a child, my mom taught me how to weave carpets.... and how we can tell a story through the carpets.

Fatima Aijou – Laayoune

Visual Artist

The issue of water, life, the moon, and the relationship of the life of the desert are also an underlying theme of my work.



Zainab Ahl Andour - Laayoune

Visual Artist

Within my paintings I express the celebration and joy that comes out of life and also the miseries that sometimes a woman goes through because of the norms and way of life there (in Sahara tribal desert).

Salah Cherki – Morocco





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