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Awdziejcky   Balaj  

Tomasz Awdziejczyk – Poland
Painting, ceramics

I’m inspired by the classical
icons of Byzantine Christianity.


Artan Balaj – Kosovo
Visual arts

The most important thing for me is the concept of the art— it is not about technique. It is just that the feeling I have inside, to express it
no matter what—




Istvan Balog – Romania
Visual arts

I can say that I have a “child”, twelve years old—the Inter-Art Camp and the Inter-Art Foundation.


Zoltan Balog - Romania

Artistic photography, for me, is to capture certain things from nature and to give back to the audience.
  Cauvin   Cehajic  
el Fihri

Ioana Campean – Romania
Translation, interpreter

....if you look carefully and if you pay attention, you can see ....a grain of poetry, something beautiful....


Patrick Cauvin – Haiti
Painting paintings are the reflection of my creation, my freedom, my happiness, my “tristes” (sadness), my vision of the world....


Lejla Cehajic – Bosnia and Herzegovina

....freedom is sometimes painful. But it’s also beautiful.


Mountassir Chemao el Fihri – Morocco
Painting, sculpture, photography

I am a person very complex, because I have two educations: Moroccan education, Arabic, and French education.



  Dikel   Hakim  

Istvan Damo – Romania/Hungary
Graphic Arts

.... always when I come back to Transylvania, I discover something new....


Mesut Dikel – Turkey
Painting, graphics

....(I) like to work in details. The whole meaning of details is putting together into a whole...


Hakim Ghazali – Morocco/United Arab Emirates
Painter, graphics

I am very happy with change .... change language, change art, change culture.


Patricia Goodrich – United States of America
Visual arts, poetry.

I scavenge from the streets; I collect stones; I think; I take walks; eventually something comes out of it, & sometimes it surprises me.




Ioana Gruita-Savu – Romania
Art history

...just sit near artists, talk with them, watch how they are working, and how art is done, not only in theory, but also in practice—



Ioan Hadarig - Romania
Artistic director, critic, writer

My poem, it is Alternative Art. Why? Because my poem is life.

Thaier Helal – Syria/United Arab Emirates
Fine Arts

Still I am looking to do much more. I have a good feeling for that. I have a big dream.

Temenuga Hristova – Bulgaria
Graphic Arts, Orthodox icon painting

For me the most important thing is to be sincere in art,....

Gyongyver   Luliu   Iliopolos   Iliopoulou

Horvath Gyongyver – Romania

I want to give something, what I have in mind, body, and soul....

Iulio Horvath – Romania
Photography, web design passion is artistic photography and also web design. My passion was born up with me....

Iorgos Iliopolos – Greece

....everything on a woman inspires.... All the volumes and all of the forms are the most beautiful....

Christiana Iliopoulou – Greece
Engraving, lithography

You have to have the courage to say loudly through your art whatever you like and what you believe and don’t be afraid.



  Lixandru   Mazzucco

Lojze Kalinsek – Slovenia Painting,design, photography

...these art camps I find very important for my environment, for my work, for my projects.... And I always promise to myself that I come again and again—


Marianne Knipe – United States of America
Visual Arts

I can also see a clear path for myself in the future, in what I would like to do and how I would like to develop my art....




Robert Lixandru – Romania Photography, web design.


Eva Mazzucco – Austria
Painting, sculpture, graphics

It was very hard to make this all without money, but I am an idealist..... I want to work until I am one hundred years old!

  Moualla   Nikolic  
Zoe Pop

Gerd Messmann – Germany

....we see also what others make and so we learn from all, from all.... And in this way it is very good to look at ourselves in our art, but also in our life.


Talal Moualla – Syria/United Arab Emirates
Painter, critic, curator, poet

...artist and poet and critic....I have in me together, the desert and the water.




Mia Nikolic – Serbia

I decided to work in art, because it is my way to show people life in another way.


Ana Zoe Pop – Romania
Sculpture, art history, curator

I’m making something in wood.... the altar. It’s a triptych and is open....


Ivana Radulovic – Montenegro

...I make art to represent good ideas and...I don’t know....something close. Some people say God. I, I can’t say God, but something like that, some kind of art....close, close.




Vasile Rata – Moldova/Romania
Visual Arts

...everything in this camp is about communication, changing ideas, finding new things about human nature and culture, and how different we are and, at the same time, how much we have in common.


Senol Sak – Turkey

(I) use this motif (fish) even if it is very risky to use only one motif, because it is understood all over the world.


Adelina Paula Sasu – Romania
Painting, graphics

...I like to feel all the moments... I am inspired by other people, but I paint for feelings.

Senesan   Szocs   Tajima   Tzigan

Cristina Senesan – Romania
Photography, visual arts.

I consider that art and medicine are bound together and make life very interesting


Eva Andrea Szocs –Romania/Hungary
Fine Arts

...first it is the concept, and after that I choose the materials.


Atsuko Tajima - Japan/USA
Painting on glass

I’m very interested in the concept of art comes to people, rather than vice-versa.


Bogdan Tzigan – Romania
Painting, sculpture, graphics, video

There is a lot of need for human contact and human direction, and art approaching towards people and attracting them to the world of art....



  Yilmaz   Zares  

Carmen Vasile – Romania
Opera, multimedia, performance

I’m singing opera and, at the same time, I’m teaching opera.... with my students I try to find new ways of acting, new ways of understanding the classic genre of opera.


Yasemin Yilmaz – Germany
Painting, sculpture

It is not finally the result, but going to get to this end.....and I always like it.


Dragana Zarevska -Macedonia
Film, video, mixed media

I’m going to make problems in the environment the rest of my life. Just because of one big goal, and that is art.


International Art Camp 2007
Aiud, Romania

Inter-Art Foundation founded the International Art Camp where artists meet together, exchange ideas, share their cultural heritages, and create individual works.


Accompanying music: Kalevala Monoopera by Ede Terényi , performed by Carmen Vasile.

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