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Fatima Aijou
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Fatima Aijou – Laayoune

Visual Artist

My name is Fatima Aijou. I am a painter. I am married and the mother of two children. My main job is a pastry maker. I also crochet clothing and do henna designs. I am participating in this art exhibition in Assilah, Morocco.

The work I am presenting here portrays the Spring season. I feel Spring expresses life, and the colors I put in my paintings are basically the colors of life. They express a mutual effect between us and the natural world, and I try to reflect this within my work. The issue of water, life, the moon, and the relationship of the life of the desert are also an underlying theme of my work.

I feel connected to the earth. I explore in my paintings the relationship between the earth and the sky, between the moon and the stars with the sea. I express my feelings and experiences, whether good or bad. My work expresses the relationship of the human being with oxygen and water, between the human being and his surroundings, and the human being with the large universe as a whole.

Translated by Saleh Al-Hathloul



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