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Catherine Dumont-Chretien
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Catherine Dumont-Chretien – France

Visual Artist

Hello, my name is Catherine Dumont. I am French and have been living in Vichy, a small town near to Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne region).

For several years, I attend symposiums, exhibitions abroad, in Romania, in Haiti, and today in China (Sept 2016). It’s an outstanding experience, each time with a lot of marvelous meetings. For me, it’s very enriching, since we discover the culture of the visited country, and we paint with the local artists. Each time, the experience is very different.

For instance, in Haiti, we can see amazing colors, paintings approaching the voodoo style, something we don’t know in France. In Romania, it’s again different: we are lucky to rub shoulders with sculptors, which also brings us a lot.

Everything is linked in art, anyway: sculpture, painting, music, dance. Every time we go abroad, we enjoy performances, outings, discoveries, and it’s always exciting. I paint mainly in oil that I like very much, especially faces, female nudes, what interests me the most. Today, I have the pleasure to be in China, and I take advantage of it to discover Chinese painting. And so, I am doing a lot of work in Indian ink on Chinese paper: it is very difficult for me because I do not know at all this technique, but I … love it.

I hope to discover new horizons with wonderful encounters.

At home in Vichy, I participate in many exhibitions in my region. I had the chance to exhibit also in New York at the United Nations Headquarters, and another time in Geneva, also at the UN headquarters, in Haiti and Romania, in China, and in South Korea.

On my return, I have other exhibitions planned. In spring 2017, I have a planned exhibition with my friend Tommy Barr with whom we plan to make a joint exhibition on the theme of trees, he with dark paintings, very beautiful of course, silvered and black, and me with very colorful paintings. So we will mix our paintings and exhibit together. I hope this will work and that it will be nice!

Dumont-Chretien Dumont-Chretien


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