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Kim Goldsmith
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Kim Goldsmith – Australia

Visual Artist

My name is Kim Goldsmith. I am from Australia. I was born in England, and I am currently living in Germany (presently, in England).

Basically, I have been trained as a ceramic artist, so I spend six years in Sidney, studying ceramic practices in a contemporary context. With my work I really like to explore ambiguity, so I am mixing symbolism, different materials, different ideas to form work that is ambiguous or strange or not easy to immediately interpret.

At the moment, because I just moved to Germany, I am working on a new series of works. All of these works are about my relationship to place and the ideas of being dislocated from my past and place, and moving into a new home and becoming relocated into a new context, both personally and culturally, and in the new context of my arts practice, because I am trying to find an intersection with the ceramics practice and my fine arts practice, trying to find a middle ground and trying to fuse the two modes of working.

Currently I am in an exhibition in Morocco, and one of the works I have created is starting to have this connection and is a part of a series which will be ongoing. It is called the Refuge series. Basically, I am creating a nest wherever I travel. I am finding materials locally in the environment than I responding to and combining them with materials I bring from my home country.

With this project here in Asilah, I really respond to the blues and whites of the architecture and of the sky and the ocean, so I collected blue thread, fishing nets—because this area is connected to a fishing port and the sea—and I collected tiles I found behind a hotel. I mixed these together and created a nest. I combined ceramic eggs I brought from Germany with me in order to create a place where people can talk about the relationship between cultures.

For me, it is a place where I, too, talk about my Australian culture, my place in Germany, and my response being in Morocco, and trying to create a dialogue between my work and the people around me and the other artists.

This is what mainly interests me at the moment. So, as I said, everything about my work at this time is about creating intersections, creating dialogue and connections, finding dislocation and relocation, finding a place to belong whether it is temporary home like a nest or a more permanent home, such as a place, country, culture that I feel I can connect to.




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