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Tzvetanka Koykova
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Tzvetanka Koykova - Bulgaria/Belgium

Sculptor, Architect

Hello. My name is Tzvetanka Koykova, I was born in Bulgaria.

My life is art. I began when I was fifteen years old in art school with wood carving and sculpture made with wood. Later I studied interior architecture. With that I worked a long time. It was my first career. I went to the international level in my career. When I was fifty years old, I was project control and I worked with people from China in Shanghai.

Later I met a man from Belgium. That was eight years ago, and I moved to Belgium, and I live there now. I studied in Belgium at the Art Academy. I studied sculpture, monumental art, ceramic, restoration. I studied with a specialization in stone. So, my life is filled with art.

I make my sculpture in different countries, already in twenty. They have my monumental sculptures on three continents: Africa, Europe, Asia. But I know I have to continue. I have participated in exhibitions in four continents: Africa America, Europe and Asia. This is my life.

However, I am born in Bulgaria, and I want to explain a little about the history of this small country, which is in the Balkans, the first country between Asia and Europe. The Silk Road from Asia to Europe is through Bulgaria, The lines of communication between Asia and Europe is through Bulgaria. Everything goes through Bulgaria, because in the history, in the old times, all these peoples and cultures all are connected to our country because we are near the Bosporus. This was the only way to have communication between the two continents.

We have a very old culture. In the city where I was born, in Varna near the Black Sea, we have the oldest gold in the world, three thousand to four thousand years old, which used a technology to made it into jewelry. We have one very old culture evidenced by an alphabet which existed before Latin and other alphabets. The name of culture and people is Ttaki. It is unique. They have very beautiful art and paintings.

We have our small site there, like an Egyptian pyramid, but down on the ground and have very special traditions about that. It is a very beautiful thing—maybe you can find more information on the internet about it.

What can I tell about my small country....We have 400 kilometers of coast and beach, north to south. We have big rivers. We are near the Danube, which is our border to Romania on the north. We have Macedonia to our south. We have mountains 3000 meters high. We have a very flat plains, too, so we have four seasons in the year so at any time you can find something to take pleasure in.

What is what I want to say about my country....Another important thing is our alphabet. In Bulgaria we wrote for the first time the Cyrillic alphabet, which was used later in Romania, the Slavic countries, and Russia.

Many Bulgarians live in other countries around the world, including America. They have a big population in Chicago, for example. Jonathan Atanasovis a Bulgarian who invented the prototype of first computer in the world. Another Bulgarian invented the first electronic watch. These are only a couple of the contributions of Bulgarians to the world. Thank you.





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