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Natasa Novak
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Natasa Novak – Slovenia

Visual Artist

My name is Natasa Novak, and I am from Slovenia. Last year I started my work in the style of old Masters’ technique combined with surrealism. I find this technique rewarding. Also, I don’t use oils, but I use many layers, which is very time consuming, but also very rewarding.

I started the Korant Children series a few months ago. The series comes from the ethnic festival Carnival in Slovenia where we have a special mask Koran or Korant, which is really big and scary. But its purpose is to scare away winter, which, to me, is something very positive. The mask itself is scary with hair all over and horns. It is usually worn only by men, which means something with power.

For my paintings, I chose children because to me children represent innocence, beauty, prettiness. They are cute, but I combine that with the burden of adulthood fears, which can be seen with the children wearing horns or hair. My dolls, which are made with scrap materials are both cute and scary, too.



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