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Clemens Beungkun Sou
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Clemens Beungkun Sou – Republic of Korea/ Austria

Visual Artist, Professor, Curator

I am a Korean artist. My name is Clemens Beungkun Sou. I lived in Korea thirty years. Now I have lived in Vienna for forty years. Austria and Hungary are two countries I studied in during university. In Korea I had studied at a technical university. In Austria I studied art at university. After university in Austria, I went to South Korea and worked there for ten years, a long time. During this period of ten years, I went to Austria every year for summer and winter vacations. At the same time, I worked in Austria and Hungary as lecturer, teaching techniques of watercolor and paper collage.

My art activities began in 1983. Thirty-four years is a long time. I have had sixty-four solo exhibitions and over 500 group exhibitions. My solo exhibitions have been in Korea, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, Croatia, Thailand and other countries.

In 1995 I founded ASROPA International Art Exhibition in Korea. I have continued organizing the exhibitions for twenty years, a long time. The Twentieth Anniversary ASROPA International exhibition recently traveled to Korea, Japan, Austria, Hungary, and Kenya. In 2015 the end of Second World War seventy years ago was commemorated. It ended in 1945, a significant year for me, too, the year I was born.

Recently, ASROPA also presented the 70th Anniversary of Korean Independence Exhibition. From 70 countries, 205 artists participated. This year of 2016 my ASROPA exhibition continued to grow with the participation of 58 artists from 35 countries. This UNESCO Memorial exhibition I am presenting in South Korea.

I have been retired since 2010 from my Korean University affiliation. I also stopped lecturing in Austria and Hungary. I want to visit every country and participate in arts symposia. During the past six years I have visited thirty countries through ninety artist symposia. Now I average two countries a month, about twenty residencies—every year I meet and work alongside 500-600 artists.

My painting is not normal painting. I am a Korean artist using technique and forms I’ve developed over the years, using watercolor, acrylic, and paper collage.



Sou Sou Sou


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