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Giuseppe Strano Spitu
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Giuseppe Strano Spitu – Italy/Spain

Sculpture, Dance, Performance, Installation

Hello. My name is Giuseppe Strano Spitu. I was born in Italy, in Rezzio Calabria near Sicily, but I have been living in Spain for many years. I am a sculptor. In my sculpture I want not only to make the beautiful, but I want my sculpture to have a concept. I believe that art is something more than something that looks beautiful.

I have another passion also. My passion is dancing. I make the same passion when dancing that I have when I make sculpture. It was my dream since I was very young. When I was very young, I started dancing.

Also, I like very much travel. When I travel, I am very happy because I meet with many people, new people. Now the world is small because when you travel so much, the world becomes small. I have friends in many parts of the world, and everybody gives me something (makes my life richer).



Spitu Spitu Spitu


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