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Daniela Stanoiu
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Daniela Stanoiu – Romania


I am Daniela Stanoiu from Romania. I lived in Aiud. Romania. I was born January 3, 1964. I am a photographer. I like to make photographs, because I was born into a photographer family. My mother and my father were my teachers. In my first period I worked as a commercial photographer, but in the past ten years I have begun to make artistic photography.

I like to travel a lot, and I like to make pictures of landscapes. Also I like to stay in the street and make surprise, spontaneous photographs. I like to make portraits of old men and children. I like to make photographs of details, too.

I participate in artistic workshops in my country and internationally, in Egypt, Morocco and Haiti. In Romania I participate in a workshop in the north of my country. It is very interesting. It is ethnographic photography. We are a group of ten photographers. We take photographs of traditional villages to document for our country.

I have a gallery in my town of Aiud; I have organized many exhibitions for other artists, as well as myself.







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