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Gheorghe Stirbu
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Gheorghe Stirbu – Moldova/Romania

Visual Artist

Good day. My name is Gheorghe Stirbu. I am from the Republic of Moldova and living now in Timisoara, Romania. I am visual artist, working primarily in painting. My paintings combine the abstract and figurative. Today I want to share my process in poem...

Gathered first in words, they are wonderful.
They are coming from different times.
Browns and colors will stay between the lines
I have outlined for support, waiting
for the drawing always created,
so dear to me.
They are religious.
Look. I painted carefully to keep in the light.
Then they confess. Peace to me.
Their hands sprinkle above the landscape,
shadow and rhythm
and the light spreads the warmth.
Their palms now free and open.
will remind me later
about the book of scripture.
Talking to them they revive,
have Christian names they whisper
in my paintings. Talk to them.
Hue, too.
They brought the painted color,
and in it you will find the freedom.


  Stirbu Stirbu Stirbu


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