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Burhan Uzunyayla
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Burhan Uzunyayla - Germany


My name is Burhan Uzunyayla. I am a director and script writer from Germany, and I live in Germany. Most important, why did I choose to be a director and scriptwriter?

I like to write my own scripts and direct them on my own because I feel most comfortable with the outcome then. I know what I want to say. When you have a script from someone else, maybe you will never be able to make a true account with it. Maybe you will never really imagine 100 per cent of the person’s vision who wrote this, his own point of view. For that reason, I prefer to write my own stories and direct them on my own.

Often directors, scriptwriters, or artists say I was inspired by this person, his works or her works. For me, I cannot say there is one director who inspired me with all his movies, with all his ideas. It is like everything in my life. There is something I like or don’t like. It is like the music I hear. I cannot say I only like rock or I only like pop. It is the music in particular or the song that makes me like it. So it can be pop; it can be swing, even heavy metal. This is like everything I do. I don’t just respond with the brain. I follow my feelings with my heart, and this is the same with my works.

I like more linear constructs in stories, than non-linear. I like to write different stories with different persons and then at the end have them come together as one. This is like my life itself.







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