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Open Curtain Artan Balaj
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Artan Balaj - Kosovo

My name is Artan Balaj. I’m from Kosovo. I’m a visual artist. I want to say about art something. I started in art with music. It was a long time ago. I transferred my energy that I had in music; I transferred it into visual art. It’s mostly paintings, drawings, photography, installation, and these sorts of things. I don’t have borders where to say this is that and this is that, that sort of direction.

The most important thing for me is the concept of the art—what do I want to show with it. It is very important to me, because it is not about technique. It is just that the feeling I have inside, to express it no matter what—canvas or photo or I don’t know what—just so the people can feel the expression of the things that I feel or see or hear.

That is, for me, the most important thing in art and in life in general-- because art is very simple, like life. You just have to see it in some easier way, not in a complicated way.

Thank you very much.




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