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Open Curtain Ioana Campean
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Ioana Campean – Romania

My name is Ioana Campean. I’m a translator and interpreter, and I have been collaborating with the Inter-Art Foundation for like six or seven years now. It all started when I met Istvan Balog (director of Foundation), and ever since that moment, I have been the official interpreter and translator at this Art Camp organized in Aiud every year.

I also collaborated with Istvan Balog in other fields. I mean, I translated his book The Path of Tomorrow. It is a fantastic prose book. It is a very interesting project, because it allowed me to see into his mind a little bit.

I have to say that the most interesting thing happening here in the camp is that, if you look carefully and if you pay attention, you can see a little bit of poetry, like a grain of poetry, something beautiful, in the art and in almost every artist coming to this camp... but sometimes it is very well hidden so it is a bit difficult to discern.


Ioana Campean with Mountassir Chemao el Fihri.


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