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Patrick Cauvin
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Patrick Cauvin
Painter and Founder of Promart Haiti

I am Patrick Cauvin. I am from Haiti. I am an artist/painter, and I was the organizer of the first International Art Camp (Atelier D’Art International) in Haiti in 2012. I invited many artists from different countries. Today is the last day and tonight we will have the final exhibition.

I am the founder and the president of Promart Haiti Association. The association was created for developing and promoting the art and artists of Haiti. I hope I will have an opportunity to organize future art camps in Haiti.*

* I’m a painter. I started to paint in 1980 and made a lot of exhibitions in Haiti, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Romania, and Morocco.

To speak about my paintings is very hard for me, because I prefer when people speak about my works—to know what they think, what they feel, what they discover. Often people think Haitian paintings are naive paintings, but you can find all styles of paintings in Haiti. What I know, my paintings are the reflection of my creation, my freedom, my happiness, my “tristes” (sadness), my vision of the world......(laughter).

Note: Promart Haiti held its second atelier in 2013, has exhibited work of Haitian artists in France and 2014 at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Smithsonian, Washington.

For current Promart projects:

*From Patrick Cauvin Open Curtain interview:






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