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Voices & Visions Artists of Haiti
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Bob Bazil

My painting mostly is of women, because I like the form and movement of women


Mario Calixte

Prime is simplicity of the subject…Painting is, for me, my life.




Patrick Cauvin

I am an artist/painter, and the organizer of Atelier D’Art International Haiti. I amthe president of Promart Haiti…created for developing and promoting the art and artists of Haiti.


Frantz Charlemagne

There is beauty in everything; nothing is ugly.

Jean-Claude Damas

…as a little boy in school, I used to go under my desk to do little paintings of people… Since I left school, painting is the only work I do to survive.


Jackson Day

When I begin to paint, I cannot stop. I go on and on without eating or sleeping for days.


Melchiade Domond

I went there (art school) to be more powerful in art. But I see it was not all just that. I have to put my soul in my art, my mind in my art.


Carl Sonel Dorsainvil

I’m from a family of artists. My grandfather was Normil Charles, who was a great sculptor and who did many important works.




Gerald Dorvelus

When I work, I love to sing, because I am very spiritual. I love the Virgin Mary. I love yellow and blue.


Fernande Eliassaint

Each time I see a painting, it makes me feel like I want to go further.


Veronica “Vicky” Frisch

I am one of the luckiest and most blessed persons in the world, because I wake up every morning to have fun.


Maxan Jean-Louis

I have two different styles of painting. One is political painting and the other one is from the school of Saint Soleil.




Garry Laurent

When you look at my work, it should make you happy. It should make you feel good… That is what I am trying to do.



“Levoy” Leroy Exil

To start (painting) I used local ingredients like beet, carrot, tomato, tomato leaves, charcoal, red soil, grilled black beans, indigo and manioc, which is a kind of yam we use, as glue.

Emile Louisius

I want young people to know, if you like art, do not be discouraged; your future can be a life in art.

Edouard Martial

When I paint, I feel like I'm alive. It is my passion. I love it. It comes from my heart.


Jean Mitho Merancien

In my life as a painter there are three things for me. I call them the 3 P’s: pinso, which is brush in English; peinture, which is paint; and penseer, which is thinking.




Riboul Monfleury

I started painting landscapes but then decided to do something different. I took a book of medicine and started to deform the bodies.


Marie Jose Nadal

Besides painting, I studied so many other things, like anthropology. I descended from Indians. I have three Indians native to Haiti in my family and in my blood.


“Payas” Pierre Sylvain Augustin

I believe in God. My work is always spiritual even though I’m not a mystic. I believe in God. I always pray before I start a work…




Jean Renel Pierre-Louis

And I ask myself, “Why do I spend all my days, my life, over there (Dominican Republic) when here in Haiti people need me? So I choose to come to give my hand in my country.



“Ery” Eriveaux Prospere

Originally I was a planter; I worked in the sugar cane fields. Then I apprenticed as a cabinet maker.

Nesly Richard

Painting has allowed me to take care of my five children. It is like giving them a heritage.

Francois Rosemond

I am a sculptor….originally in my mind what I wanted …was to become a gynecologist, but nature chose otherwise.

Jean Hugues Cauvin

“Asgard” Dimitri Wiener

…he (Asgard, the artist’s stallion) gave me an open door. He is why I started painting.




Jean Hugues-Cauvin




Marilou Roy








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