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Frantz Charlemagne
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Frantz Charlemagne (1958-- )

My name is Frantz Charlemagne. I was born February 21, 1958. Ever since I was a child, I always drew people. In design I was a fan of Tarzan and all the cowboy magazines. I always designed them at a very young age.

I was fourteen years old when there was on National Radio an art competition for the victory of the Duvalier revolution. I participated, and I won First Prize. Since then I fell more in love with painting and art in general.

My style, called sculpturamisma. is to portray every “ugly” thing in life. Because there is nothing ugly in life, everything is beautiful. That is why everything people throw out in the garbage like old glasses, like old cooking utensils, everything….even poor people themselves still have beauty in them. When you meet three or four people together, it looks wonderful, all together talking. There is beauty in everything; nothing is ugly. All my work reflects old things. That is why I have old cars, old houses in my paintings. I use everything old—nothing new.

My wish is my reputation lasts more than three million years, and it will be very instructive, and my name will be like Raphael, Di Vinci, and Michelangelo.

Translated by Jean-Hugues Cauvin





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