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Melchiade Domond
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Melchiade Domond (1968- )

My name is Melchiade Domond. I’m Haitian, and I am an artist. I can tell you of myself and how I became an artist.

I just see myself as artist. I don’t know where it came from, because since I was nine to ten years old, my parents used to tell me, “If you aren’t a success at school, you can’t design all the things in a house you design. It is not good to be a painting artist. You will find nothing in the art. You have to be architect; you have to be someone in your life to help us, to care for all the people.” I said, “I don’t know. I will try.” I was successful at school, and I was glad with myself because all of my family was glad with me. I went to the School of Art (ENARTS) in Haiti, and I went there to be more powerful in art. I see it was not all just that.

I have to put my soul in my art, my mind in my art. I see you guys (First Atelier D’Art International) come from anywhere in the world—Romania, Slovenia, Italy—and I thought it was something too strong. I see you with your free mind. You do what your minds tell and what you feel, and that makes me stronger in art, and I feel better living as an artist. Man, I don’t care. I like being an artist. I’m very glad to be here, and I’m very proud to be me. I thank God for everything.






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