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Voices & Visions
Carl Sonel Dorsainvil
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Carl Sonel Dorsainvil

I’m Carl Sonel Dorsainvil. I was born in Saint Marc, Haiti. I’m from a family of artists. My grandfather was Normil Charles, who was a great sculptor and who did many important works. In Saint Marc I organize art exhibitions, and I participate in many international festivals. One of the things that inspires me, of course, is the work of Normil Charles. I followed his example to become an artist.

I have to talk about Patrick Cauvin, also, who organized this camp (First Atelier D’Art International), which is such a great thing for us Haitian artists, bringing all of these international artists to work with us and to share their experiences and different techniques and to give us a different view. That also can give people a different view of Haiti. As well, it gives opportunities to young artists here. Patrick is someone with a great heart who is not afraid to share his work and to help artists here in Haiti.

For my style, I have different styles. It depends on the moment and how I feel.

Translated by Jean-Hugues Cauvin





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