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Veronica Frisch
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Veronica “Vicky” Frisch

My name is Veronica Frisch. Everybody calls me Vicky. I’m from Haiti, and I live in Petion Ville.

I don’t totally remember when I started making art, but I think since childhood, I guess still in diapers. I had art in my blood. My mom was a painter, so at a very, very young age I was putting my hands into paint and messing up canvases. She wasn’t totally happy, but she never scolded me. She always let me be, let me do what I wanted to do. Also, I had around me great artists like my mentor Maria Jose Nadal, who is a great Haitian artist and who always supported me very much.

I’m a visual artist. My style—I mix abstraction with my realist work. I usually start by doing my background, and my backgrounds are abstract. I never know what I’m going to do until my backgrounds are done. This is when, and only when. I look at my background, and I see where I’m going and I know now the realist design I will paint on top of it. So I would say it is a painting over a painting.

I’m also a teacher. I have an art school. I teach children, as well as adults and adolescents.

I am one of the luckiest and most blessed persons in the world, because I wake up every morning to have fun.






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