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Open Curtain
Ioana Gruita-Savu
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Ioana Gruita-Savu - Romania

My name is Ioana Savu. I am an art historian. I finished the university in Cluj. The department is History and Art History, so that I have a double specialization. I work with the Inter-Art Foundation for seven years now. There was an excellent possibility for me to come here (Aiud), because in Cluj, unfortunately for us, they are teaching us only theory.

When I came here, I was very young, and it was a very very good experience for me to just sit near artists, talk with them, watch how they are working, and how art is done, not only in theory but also in practice—as concept, as way of working, also as technique, because you see the layers, you see everything they put there. Also you see the heart of their insides. Also it is a very important thing for us as art historians to speak with the person.

Now I am doing research on an artist who is already not with us, and it is very difficult for me. I read newspapers. I read a lot of things just to get to know the person, because I know I cannot understand the work if I don’t get to know him.

So it is a very important thing that I got to meet so many people and to speak with the artists. Hopefully, in a few years after my research will be completed and I know much more than I do now, maybe I can do something for everyone I met, for my friends who helped me understand better.



Ioana Gruita-Savu with Ioan Hadarig


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