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Jean Mitho Merancien
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Jean Mitho Merancien (1977- )

My name is Jean Mitho Merancien. I’m from Petion Ville. I decided to paint when I was really young. I didn’t know anything about painting; I just wanted to do it. I did it by myself until later I decided to find someone to help me (Ralph Allen, 1995).

My style is surrealist and cubist. I started to work when I was ten years old and I am now thirty-five, and most of what I have done for a living is painting, which allowed me to take care of my family and my children.

Painting is what I do, and it gives me a decent life. Painting is my passion. When I work, I have to listen to music, but soft music. What I like also is going to the beach—it inspires me to paint.

In my life as a painter there are three things for me. I call them the 3 P’s: pinso, which is brush in English; peinture, which is paint; and penseer, which is thinking.

I have exhibited in Orlando, Florida, with Patrick Cauvin, and now I am participating in a new happening here (Atelier D’Art International Haiti). Painting is vast, and I am proud to have this great experience with artists from all over the world.

Translated by Jean-Hugues Cauvin






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