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Open Curtain
Gerd Messmann
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Gerd Messmann - Germany

*Gerd Messmann was born in Hermalistadt. In 1972 he comes to Germany and he lives there near Munich. He works always on his pictures in oil and all the techniques he uses to make these, yes.

Gerd Messmann, he is invited since (for) ten years to all the symposiums in the whole world—one can say this, yes—in Aiud, Romania, in Hungary, yes, and these are international symposiums and there are lots of artists from all over the world together. They work together and they speak about all the problems of life together, and in the evenings there is sometimes film about culture in different nations, and later, we laugh and we dance.

I go with Gerd always to these symposiums because he has the auto and I have too much baggage, and so we go together by auto, and I learn what he wants in his art. We speak together and we learn together. He says what in my pictures is strong; I say what is in pictures is strong. He is a very good contact (critic) in this. (At the symposiums) We see also what others make and so we learn from all, from all. The methodology of participants from Haiti or from Morocco or so... And in this way it is very good to look at us in our art, but also in our life.
*(Translating, Austrian artist Eva Mazzucco)



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