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Eva Andrea Szocs
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Eva Andrea Szocs – Romania/Hungary

It is very hard to speak about my art, because I’m doing so many kinds of things and in so many manners. I choose always the materials.....but first it is the concept, and after that I choose the materials.

I try to find the materials which are fitting to my concept. Also it is good transmit the context. It does not matter if this context is a physical one. Where I am exactly, or my feelings, is my psychological context.

So what can I say....I am doing sculpture, graphics, some installation, and performance; but, as I told you, the concept is the first. And what is the concept? It’s also very hard, because I’m very interested in the human relations—the relations between people and the things which are behind—behind the surfaces. So that’s why many times I use transparency, irony, forms, humor, and tragedy, also-- so, all these things which can be very simple and very complicated to catch.





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