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Dimitri Wiener
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“Asgard” Dimitri Wiener

My name is Dimitri Wiener. I am from Port au Prince, Haiti. I live in Delmas, which is part of Petion Ville.

I started painting in the year 2000, but around 1996-97 an incident occurred. I was living in Haiti (after completing my education in Canada) when a lot of horses died. They were poisoned with tainted chicken feed. I had a stallion called Asgard. He was the most beautiful stallion in Haiti. He was very strong and strong-willed. Always wild. He was free. He wanted to do whatever he wanted. The day he died, he was the last horse that died (from the feed), but he died with honor. Galloping, his last stride was on four legs, mouth open. They gave me his four shoes. I still have them today. In a way it was bad, but in another way he gave me an open door. He is why I started painting.

I did not take Asgard as my artist name until several years later. I started painting in 2000. My grandmother influenced me and pushed me to become an artist.

Every painting that I do, I evolve, but what happened this year, getting invited to participate in the Second Edition D’Art International Haiti, is especially significant. It is an honor to be invited and to have an opportunity to express myself through my paintings and to express what happened twelve years ago. It is not easy for me.

My grandmother would be really, really proud of me today. Spiritually, she is by my side every day. And my horse will always be Asgard. He is inside me and we are linked.

Even my wife encouraged me to pursue this domain. Art is something that is in my heart.

I wish I could express what it is my heart to the world. I want to show what I can do. The style that I have already exists. I am an abstract artist. But what I have, my expression, I want to share with everybody. On my website I call it Abstract World, because everybody has abstraction in themselves. So anything you think or feel in your mind, if you can put it on a piece of paper with colors, expresses who you are.






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