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Yasemin Yilmaz
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Yasemin Yilmaz - Germany

Hello. My name is Yasemin Yilmaz. I am born in Germany, Hanover, and I am still living in this city, and the country, of course. I am born in 1974, and I am a painter, also a sculptor.

The main part of my art is that I put tiles and pieces together just to keep a period of time. I am only working at periods—I say I put myself, for example, at three days of working, or, if I am working on it at another city or another country, it is decided already how long I am going to stay at this place, so this is the period of my work. It has a beginning and an end.

During this period all the pieces and tiles I paint without knowing how it will look after this period ends and is the whole work. So in the end, the last day of ending this period, I put all the pieces together. I have no idea in the beginning if it is going to be three pieces or twenty-five or whatever. I put them all together, make up a composition in the end, and this is one whole work--it has lots of pieces sometimes.

A very important part for me is that I don’t make a selection of pieces I put in. I don’t say, “Oh, what did I do with this piece! It doesn’t look good.” Or, “It doesn’t fit into the whole piece.”

I don’t take it out. It becomes its own place on the whole period mosaic, because I compare this with a whole life, and not every day is the sun shining. Even on those days, it is sometimes raining, sometime snowing, and it is kind of like this--how I’m looking at my art. And this is the most important part: It is not finally the result, but going to get to this end.....and I always like it. Thank you.



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